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Monday, May 01, 2006

Chupa Chups: The Lesser of Two Evils

Smokers sometimes refer to weight gain as one of the downsides of quitting. We've heard it before. They're afraid their oral fixation will get the best of them and they'll snack uncontrollably if they have to get along without their cigarettes.

Spanish candy maker Chupa Chups is using a reverse approach to market their 40-plus lollipop varieties. In "10-Minute Alternative to Smoking," their website presents one of the most compelling smoking cessation campaigns I've seen anywhere. Engaging a Chupa-Chups lollipop is supposed to offer a sense of warmth, security, and relaxation. Like a pacifier for adults! they say. Even better, the sucking action is supposed to increase the flow of oxygen to your body and help your overall health. (More oxygen to the brain--why didn't I think of this before?) Another interesting factoid: lollipops were likely invented by cavemen. Betcha hadn't thought about that.

Whether this pitch sells you or not, the Chupa Chups story addresses the makings of a cult-status brand. In 1969, the founder sought out Salvador Dali to re-create the company logo and make it more appealing to a growing audience. Dali promptly sketched it out on a piece of newspaper over lunch, and even had some suggestions for package design. Clever promotional and merchandising tactics were also the norm in the 1960s and throughout the company's history.

Almost makes you wish you had more bad habits to break, no?


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