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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Honor Thy Creatives

I caught the Egyptian "Quest for Immortality" at the Frist Center during its last weekend in Nashville. Comparisons to other metropolitan museums aside, the exhibit reminded me of that ancient society's deep appreciation for artistic talent. In their lifelong effort to conquer death, ancient Egyptians relied on painters and sculptors to help them connect with the eternal, and on their scribes to validate their mortal existences, making their human stories more real, tangible, and lasting.

I can't help but wonder how and when our modern culture did away with this high regard for the power of writers and artists to transcend the natural--and to document our short stay on this Earth for the benefit of future generations.

We all owe the artistically talented in our lives a little more appreciation.


Blogger Chris Houchens said...

Artists and Writers wind up in the places that the society considers sacred.

You saw where the Egyptians placed them.

In the Renassaince, the beautiful religious art from Michelangelo, is testimony to where that generation placed them.

The Victorian artists dwelt on the afterlife and nature.

Today? You'll find many of our artists and writers working as graphic designers and copywriters in an ad agency.

October 18, 2006 12:25 PM


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